The Big Dream – 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Weeks.  A full year of running in beautiful places; re-exploring the country and myself. I have traveled all over the US before and there are still some places I wish to see – Lake Tahoe and Zion National Park, Oregon Wine and Kentucky Bourbon country, North Dakota, if only to finally cross it off my list of “States Where I Have Been.”  This is not a packaged tour. I picked these marathons off of different “Best of” lists.  I am just running the routes of these Marathons.

I will not be running most of the official races, merely the routes they consistently run.  I have neither the logistical mind nor the means to zig zag all over the country via planes and trains to run these races at their official yearly times, so if you are looking at my list and dates aren’t matching up, do not be surprised. I will be circumnavigating the US starting in Florida and ending in Georgia. Dates may change, cities may change, I may change…and grow. Or not.  The dates below are the times I expect to be in the area not necessarily the day I will run a marathon length.  I also expect to be doing 3 other runs each week; a state or national park run, an organized group run and a light fun run.

I’m curious to hear what you think.  Have you run any of these Marathons? Do you think there is a better marathon that I am missing in a specific state?  Do you live near one of these places and would like me to visit?  Let me know!

*Please Note: The dates listed below are the dates I expect to be in the area.  Only 23 of these dates will correspond with official race dates.

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