GloboRun is an organization dedicated to helping people run long distances around the globe. We take our motto very seriously – Beautiful Runs in Beautiful Places. Notice, our motto is not so-so runs in mediocre locales nor is it every day runs in suburban sprawl. We want to take you to places where the scenery is more likely to take your breath away than the challenge of the run. Not every training day needs to be an epic adventure to the ends of the universe, but when you aspire to run and be inspired, we hope to guide and motivate you to run in the most picturesque and unique areas we can find. We want the opening voice-over to your run to start “In a World…”


wp-1451251371624.jpegDerek Zardus – Chief Running Officer
Derek’s mantra on the road is the running equivalent of Carolina Pulled Pork – Low and Slow. He believes we can run and improve ourselves without destroying the machinery that propels us forward. Downshifting on general runs by running and walking allows us to run more regularly and more consistently without the common maladies that plague many runners: shin spints, plantar faceitious, Ilio Tibial Band Syndrome, etc. Derek started running consistently about six years ago and suffered from a wide variety of those common problems until recovery from a herniated disc led him to commit to consistent run/walk strategies. After that, he completed 3 official marathons (Burlington VT, Bay of Fundy International, and Newport RI), paced a friend as race support for the Sugarloaf ME marathon, and completed 7 other marathon distances in 2015 as training for his 2016 goal of running 50 classic marathon routes in 50 states in 50 weeks, now completed. Derek has also paced a variety of half marathons with Beast Pacing starting in March of 2015.

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  1. Hi….just wondering if you would be able to share your Salming Ambassador discount code? Would love to try a pair as have heard lots of good reviews. Thanks and keep running….Iain

  2. It was nice meeting you again at the AC Marathon Expo after having seen you at the Via Marathon Expo! Hope you get to make it out to one of our races some time, and at this rate, I’m sure we will cross paths again! 🙂 Merry running!

  3. So great to connect with you at Podstel hostel 🙂 Not all us bloggers are snobs 😉 Great website and super inspiring story! Keep up the great work. Cheers, Steph

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