It would be great if some company that I use and believe in would step in and sponsor my Big Dream of 50/50/50. I can assure you that company would benefit from my emphatic and enthusiastic reviews and recommendations.  However, my plan right now is to try and finance this trip myself with savings and a little elbow grease on the road.  One of my best friends asked how she could contribute and when I poopooed the idea she pointed out that:

  1. I am not stinking rich

  2. Friends of mine would like to be a part of my journey

  3. Some friends want to support me but can’t get out on the trail or drive to see me run but they would like to offer assistance and I am am not stopping by their corner of the world.

I said I am not a charity. She said, of course you’re not, but you buy your friends a drink from time to time, right?  I had to agree.  With that in mind, if you would like to contribute, essentially, buy me a drink to toast my impending success, I’ve broken down levels of contribution.

Level 1

Thank you for contributing to the cause.  You can expect a very sentimental text message and/or a Facebook post letting you know you are the best.

Jello Shot -$2

Tequila Body Shot -$5

Tall Canadian Club and Ginger – $10

Miami Drink Special – Buy 1 Get 2 Free – $15

Level 2

Aside from the electronic thank yous included in Level 1, expect a real, live postcard from a real place somewhere in the unreal United States. Also, sometime in the distant future, you can expect a .pdf copy of the book (closer to an extended pamphlet) detailing all the lessons I learned on this trip.

A Pleasant Bottle of Red Wine – $20

An Overhyped, Underfiltered Bottle of Vodka – $25

Special Reserved Limited Bottling PBR – $30

A Bottle of 12 Year Old Glenfiddich – $40

Level 3

You are a giver and a believer. You not only believe in me but expect me to live to tell the tale and regale you personally with my adventures on cold winter nights by the fire.  That may not occur but along with the electronic gifts and token postcard included in the previous two levels, you will also receive your own signed, physical copy of the book I am writing on the road and a special 50/50/50 medal made of some carbon based material (because you will have financially run every marathon with me). If you are donating on this level, you probably already have my love and devotion.  These tokens of my gratitude are merely my way of marking off your graciousness.

Crystal Skull Vodka – $50

2012 Bottle of Cherry Block Cabernet Sauvignon – $60

A Quarter Keg of Angry Orchard Cider – $75

A Bottle of Dom Perignon – $100 (Guaranteed to not be spilled in any State or National Park)

Click the link below to visit my crowdrise site.  I will get 100% of the money that you donate but they will ask you to pay a small administration fee.  Feel free instead to write a check, send money via Western Union, or put quarters in a day glow colored Easter egg and hide it in my back yard.  Any thoughts and considerations are greatly appreciated.

Make it quick...I'm on the run!