Phase 2 – Global Domination is under way. GloboRun is headed to Europe, in fact I am finishing this post in the Lisbon Airport, waiting for my shorter than expected layover to Milan. Why all the secrecy, why all the mystery about this trip? Mostly because it is nowhere near as well planned as my 50 state tour last year. The 50/50/50 theme was a cohesive package which tied everything up in a nice, neat package. Global domination won’t be quite so pretty. There are many holes in my schedule. I have marathons planed for Milan, Dubrovnik, Skopje, and possibly Kristianopel, half marathons in Venice, Bucharest, and possibly Berlin and a 10k in Krakow. I plan on running and talking to runners where ever I go, talking about my dream of a year long coordinated, international marathon race series. I will also be catching up with some of my European Up With People family as well as my little sister from college who has been on mission in Poland for 7 (?) years, and if that wasn’t enough, I did receive a scholarship from Angloville for their TEFL program with three weeks of hands on teaching instruction in Poland, Czechia, and Hungary with a a total of over 240 hours of instruction – something that costs upwards of $5000 in the states and takes a whole semester to get the teaching hours in. Whew. I’m tired already. It could be the 50 lb ruck sack I decided would be my everything this trip as I travel from town to town mostly by bus and local transport.

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This is a rough sketch of my trip. Please try to contact me before you surprise me in a city and whoops I decided to take a detour that week.

March 29 Milan, Italy

April 3 Florence, Italy

April 7 Venice, Italy

April 9 Riva del Garda, Italy

April 13 Allessandria, Italy

April 18 Vienna, Austria

April 25 Dubrovnik, Croatia

May 1 Podgorica, Montenegro

May 4 Skopje, Macedonia

May 10 Bucharest, Romania

May 18 Kraków, Poland

May 22 Warsaw, Poland

May 27 Prague, Czechia

June 2 Berlin, Germany

June 9 Poznan, Poland

June 15 Budapest, Hungary

June 23-July 20 Norway, Denmark, Sweden