2016 – Let The Adventure Begin

Letting the days go by

Let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by
Water flowing underground

Once In A Lifetime, Talking Heads

2015, I hardly knew ye. No, seriously where did 2015 go?!? Every time I try to review the last year in my head, this Talking Heads song pops into it. I know I got things done. I made a paycheck, I trained my butt off, I healed my heart. I remember events from all four seasons but it hardly seems like there were 365 days. Maybe, instead of a Leap Year and adding a day, we had a Bound Year and lost a month? Seems only fair. If we combine Daylight Savings Time’s “Spring Forward, Fall Back” with Paula Abdul’s “Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back”, celestialy we lose a month every quarter century? I don’t know. This seems like one of the word problems I should’ve worked harder on in Math Class.

Here we are January 1st, 2016: Day 1 of The 50/50/50 Project and it’s a rest day. Seems a bit anticlimactic, I know, but everything in it’s time. Instead, we will start the New Year by volunteering at Greater Fort Lauderdale Road Runner’s 15th Annual Resolution 5K. A good day to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at a road race and how organizations make the magic happen. I’ll probably be standing around, using my big mouth to cheer on the runners and maybe help lift some boxes.

What can you expect from this blog in 2016? You can expect a minimum of 4 posts a week. Monday or Tuesday will be a Marathon Recap. Wednesday or Thursday will be a recap of a State or National Park Run. Fridays will be a personal status update, talking about how things are going with the project or myself and Saturdays will be Local Days, highlighting local running groups and volunteer opportunities.

This past week went by so quickly. Family and the holidays took priority but I also started to ramp back up my training, necessary with the increased heat and humidity. Midday at times has felt cooler with the sun burning off the moisture. The mornings and evenings are incredibly muggy, drenching my running gear in sweat despite minimally cooler temperatures. I’m glad I had so much time to try and readjust my body. That and a child borne chest infection have given me much to consider as I attempt this first Marathon Route on Sunday. I plan on starting early to keep out of the sun as much as possible. I will going a little slower than I originally planned to accommodate the heat and the lower December training mileage. I was feeling a little nervous, but a great 10 mile training run with a local group, FIT (Friends In Training) last Saturday, calmed me down and brought me back into my training groove.

I wish in the new year that you and I don’t let a single day “float” by. I hope that every day, you can feel the impact you make on other’s lives. I pray that every day, you are surrounded by love and support and the knowledge that you can survive and thrive no matter what life throws at you. I wish that 2016 will be a banner year for you and me and the world at large. Watch out 2016 – here we come!

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