Inspiration Run – TBT Owls Head Personal 5K 2013

20130903_061405As I have mentioned before, I like to race the sunrise to get to a beautiful location and start running just as the sun heralds in a new day.  This day the sun gave me a couple hours head start by sleeping in and pulling a heavy blanket of fog up over it’s head. There would be no sun at Owls Head State Park in Maine this day.


In 2013, my manager was overseeing 2 locations for our company, one of which was in beautiful Rockland, ME.  Whenever she would need a hand when this smaller location was understaffed, I was quick to volunteer.  The Maine coast is always inspiring and I had found a perfect little park to stretch my legs and start my morning right.


Getting to Owls Head State Park is very easy.  Owls Head is just a couple miles south of Rockland’s city center.  I usually get to the parking lot and walk up to the stalwart little lighthouse to watch the sun rise and the fishing boats head out of the harbor, but that kind of view was not to be had that day.  Instead, a cool cloud hung about the remnants of a late summer scorcher the day before, making for a more comfortable, if damper run.


I like to start my run right at the base of the lighthouse stairs. The first half mile takes us out of the park and along beautiful fields overlooking the sea. You’ll notice I went off road and ran along the rocky beach from Lobster Lane to Wharf Street.  I love the smell of the ocean that lingers and percolates along the harbor, though it might be to pungent for some. Another mile along the harbor and the bay and then a run back
to the park on rolling country roads.

I love 20130903_070758to finish my run by jumping into the ocean at the beach just behind the light house.  Two warnings, firstly bring water footwear, the rocky beach can be very sharp.  Secondly, the water in the morning there is always chilling. I feel it’s great therapy for my legs after a run however not everybody will enjoy the shock to the system as much as I do.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-24-09-47-47.pngI have turned this into a 5 mile run by running out and back on Dodge Point Lane and Garthgannon Road.  Usually an exhausted runner’s wave will calm the locals enough for them to lower their rifles.  They may have even smiled as I ran back past.

When I am in Rockland, I usually end up at Home Kitchen Cafe. Griddled polenta is amazing with over easy eggs and bacon and I’m usually there early enough to get one of their limited number of sticky buns.  This, however, was a Tuesday and on Tuesdays Home Kitchen Cafe is closed.  Instead I was treated royally at one of Rockland’s classic breakfast joints, The Brass Compass.  The Sailor’s Breakfast would have been more appropriate if I ran a half marathon, but this explains why I run but don’t lose weight.  A fantastic way to start my day.


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