A Man, a Plan, a Canal, Panama!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” -Marianne Williamson

As I sit down to write my plan, my manifesto, for the next few years, this quote is running through my head.  My inadequacies follow behind me, tugging at my clothes, weighing on my mind. I put off writing this blog entry for any number of reasons, mostly poorly constructed excuses.  The contemplation of what it means to truly be free and do whatever we want, uninhibited, is so scary it is paralyzing. This paragraph alone took an hour.

My big dream for the next couple of years is to run and travel.

Starting January 2016, I will run 50 marathon distances around North America. Weird phrasing is due to the fact that most of those runs will be run on official courses, just not during the official race. No need for medals or T-Shirts or cool Marathon Swag, the completion of those personal marathons will be my reward. 48 of those marathons will be in the contiguous United States; the other 2 may be run in Alaska and Hawaii or in Toronto and Vancouver as time and finances allow. I have already started to narrow down the marathons I am targeting.  My schedule will consist of 6 days in each state and 1 day for mass travel. One day will be a marathon run, one day will be a group run as I hope to meet up with various running groups around the US (and possibly Canada) to find out what really makes a great running group.  One day will be a nature run in either a State or National Park. I also hope to meet and run with some of my running heroes.

After a few weeks of rest and recuperation, in 2017 I will run the world.  I will run 50 marathons in 50 countries.  I want to learn about how other cultures run and race and hopefully report back to you my findings.

It would be great if I get a job or freelance as a rep for a running or exercise company so I could share their product and mission if it coincides with my goals and vision.  I will also write articles about the marathons, their local environs, the runners who have the home town advantage and my own travels.

What is this audacity?  What is this smug selfishness?  What makes me think that I can accomplish this? If not now, when?  If not me, who?  I can sit and read blogs about people doing amazing things and wish I was doing them or I can go about getting them done. I have a plan laid out for 10 marathons this year.  I love running long distances.  I love enjoying the scenery.  I love talking to other runners. This is hopefully the beginning of living the Big Dream.


Decided to merge week 3 and week 4 blogs together.  Poor choice as they start to blend.  Week 3 was another successful week.  The day before my weigh in I showed 2 lbs lost, but on the actual day (Thursdays) I had only lost 1. Was it water weight or t00 many carbs or not enough time in the sauna? I don’t know but the scale showed 280 lbs.  Not a bad week eating.  4 runs in. Swam every day I ran.  Two days of weight training and stretched every day.  Week 3 was a great week.

Week 4 just sucked. 1 lb lost so I am on track with my goal of 1.5 lbs per week. Lost control at two potlucks and stuffed myself silly. Let personal stuff and blizzards get in the way of runs.  Went running outside on Sunday and slipped and fell really hard injuring my right hip on the backside which in turn led to a missed day of running. 4 days of running in though and 2 were bumped from 30 minute running days to 45 minutes and this went fairly smoothly. Only swam 3 times and no real weight training, though I have been stretching extensively.

Make it quick...I'm on the run!

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